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One Stop Soluction Provider For All Stainelss Steel products!

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√ For the Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Biotechnology Industries.

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Inoxcn Group Corporation

Inoxcn Group Corporation is a premier manufacturer and supplier of sanitary components. We are dedicated to manufacturing and selling sanitary stainless steel components for the Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Biotechnology industries.
The founders of Inoxcn Group Corporation have more than 20 years of combined experience in the sanitary process and components industry

One Stop Soluction Provider For All Stainelss Steel products

What Are We Making

Hygienic Processing Components
Sanitary Valves
Sanitary Valves

We have DIN SMS 3A ISO RJT IDF DS 7 types selection of sanitary valve and automation solutions. We can select the correct components follow your industry specific requests for you.

Sanitary Fittings
Sanitary Fittings

We supply all type of sanitary in-stock stainless steel fittings for dairy, wine, beer, beverage ect. producing line.

Sanitary Pumps
Sanitary Pumps

The Inoxcn Group pump range comprises of centrifugal pumps and rotary lobe pumps, all with a variety of options, making them very flexible and easy to maintain.

Tank Equipments
Tank Equipments

We can provide a wide variety of tanks and tank cleaning products.

Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Replacement spare parts kit f can be provided as well. Such as Actuators, Valve Body and Seals.

Why Choose Us

One-stop Supplier

You can one-stop shopping for all stainless steel products from us with avialable factory price, save your time and money.

High Quality Products

We provide meet the standards high-quality stainless steel componens with certifications. Reduce your trial and selection costs in selecting the right candidate out of many ones.

Emails Be Replied in 5 minutes

Our customers’ trust and loyalty from our quickly respond to keep the conversation between company and customer flowing smoothly.

Fast Delivery Time

You can recieve the bulk order quickly to push your production line, because we have all standar products in stock.

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