INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION is a premier manufacturer and supplier of sanitary components. We are dedicated to manufacturing and selling sanitary stainless steel components for the Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Biotechnology industries.

The founders of Inoxcn have more than 20 years of combined experience in the sanitary process and components industry. Because of our experience, we can assure you that we understand your industry and can offer the best solutions and products for your company.

For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing outstanding products and services to businesses involved within the Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Biotechnology industries

Our mission at Inoxcn is to grow as a premium supplier of high-quality and technically superior sanitary stainless steel components while meeting commitments to customers, suppliers, and our employees.

Moreover, Inoxcn Group Corporation is dedicated to providing solutions that enable our customers to obtain high-quality products and services at low prices in the shortest time possible.

We have 5 authorized suppliers, we are a professional sanitary weld tube, sanitary seamless tube manufacturer, professional sanitary butterfly valve, sanitary union, sanitary fitting manufacturer, we are sanitary reversing valve/diver seat valve/single seat valve, sanitary ball valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, sanitary tank valve, etc. sanitary valve manufacturer, we are sanitary centrifugal pump, sanitary self-priming pump, sanitary rotary lobe pump manufacturer, we are BSP/NPT ball valve, BSP fitting, SCH fitting, stainless steel flange manufacturer, we are stainless steel OEM products manufacturer, we are a one-stop solution provider for all stainless steel products, we focus on stainless steel more than 20 years!

One-stop solution provider for all stainless steel, just send the requirements to us, then you don’t need to do anything. Our advantage: competitive price with cost control, quick lead time with huge stock, and better quality with process control.

We love stainless steel, it’s the most beautiful product in the world!

We love in our products!

Factory View & Gallery

1-Workshop 003
2-Workshop 004
5-Workshop 005
8-CNC machine
9-workshop for santiary valve and fitting

10-laser cutting machine

10-laser cutting machine

We improved our pump testing equipment,we test every pump before delivery,it’s not only for the leaking,we also test the pump head(meter) and pump capacity(ton),every pump has its own curve,our max pump for testing is 30KW.Pls contact us if you need any sanitary centrifugal pump,sanitary self-priming pump or sanitary rotary lobe pump,our email address:sales@inoxcngroup.com,PUMP EXPERT FROM China! INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION Dec. 9,2020