Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Chinese New Year Holiday is coming,normally for most of factories in China,this holiday is about one month for the workers,because most of the workers are from the West of China,like our city Wenzhou,most of the workers are from Anhui,Hubei,Jiangxi,Guizhou etc. province.

Most of the factories in Wenzhou only have one or two holiday for the workers,it’s the first day and middle day of month(1st and 15 th),actually the workers is busy and need work very hard to earn the money,just these working hard workers help China become the no.1 exporting and no.2 GDP country in the World.

Because there is a traditional in China that at the end of every Lunar Year,one family need reunion,even they are in different cities or countries,they will fly back and sit together to have a reunion dinner!             (we call it NianYeFan).

And as you know,billions people will move by flight or train during this holiday,so it’s difficult to buy the ticket,most of the workers need book the ticket in advance and go back to their hometown 15 days ahead of last day of every Lunar Year,we call it ChuXi,and the workers always be back to factories to start working after the Lantern Festive(15 days after ChuXi),so total one month holiday for the wokers.

Today is Dec.7,for our distributor customers in stainless steel,if you want to prepare the stock for the New Year 2021,pls confirm the list and order before   Dec. 15,because Feb. 11 is ChuXi this year,our workers will start their holiday about on Jan. 25,it’s only about 45 days before our long Chinese New Year holiday!

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