Explosion-proof motor trivia points

1. The mark of Ex on the centrifugal pump signifies that it is explosion-proof.

2.Explosion-proof motor is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places and does not produce electric sparks when running. Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, in the textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper, medicine and other sectors are also widely used. As the main power equipment, explosion-proof motors are usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery, etc.

3.The main features are as follows.
  • Correspondence of power level, installation size and speed is consistent with DIN42673, and necessary adjustments have been made in consideration of the inheritance with YB series and the interchangeability of Y2 series, which is more effective and applicable.
  • The whole series adopts class F insulation, and the temperature rise is assessed according to class B.
  •  The noise limit is lower than YB series, close to YB series I noise, and the vibration limit is equivalent to YB series.
  •  The protection level of the shell is increased to IP55.
  •  The whole series use low noise deep groove ball bearings, and the motor is equipped with oil injection and drainage device with the center height of the machine base above 180mm.
  • The motor heat sink has two kinds of parallel horizontal distribution and radiation distribution, and the parallel horizontal distribution is the main one.
  • The main performance indicators reach the international advanced level in the early 1990s.


4.The main classifications are as follows.
  • Safety-enhanced motors

    On the structure of the motor that does not produce arc, spark or dangerous high temperature under normal operating conditions, then take some mechanical, electrical and thermal protection measures to further avoid the danger of arc, spark or high temperature under normal or approved overload conditions, so as to ensure its explosion-proof safety.

  • Positive pressure type motors
  • Non-sparking type motors

    It is a motor that does not ignite the surrounding explosive mixture under normal operating conditions, and generally does not suffer from ignition failure. Compared with the safety-enhanced motor, except for the insulation dielectric strength test voltage, winding temperature rise, te (after reaching the rated operating final temperature at the highest ambient temperature of the AC winding, from the start of the starting current to the time to rise to the limit temperature) and the starting current ratio is not as special as the safety-enhanced type, other aspects of the same design requirements as the safety-enhanced motor.

  • Dust explosion-proof motor

    Refers to its shell design and manufacture in accordance with the specified conditions, can prevent the dust from entering the motor shell or can not completely prevent the dust from entering, but the amount of entry does not prevent the safe operation of the motor, and the accumulation of internal dust is not easy to produce the risk of ignition, the use of the motor will not cause the explosion of the surrounding explosive dust mixture.

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