How is stainless steel sanitary pipe graded?

Stainless steel sanitary pipe and fittings are generally divided into three categories according to the surface treatment method: AP grade stainless steel pipe refers to the untreated surface of the pipe. BA type pipe refers to the use of bright burnishing treatment; EP grade stainless steel pipe refers to the use of electrolytic polishing treatment.

Note: the factors affecting the price of stainless steel sanitary pipe is the most important determinant of the surface treatment method, the price order is EP> BA> AP. according to thickness: general stainless steel thickness specifications SCH5S, SCH10S, SCH20S, SCH40S. stainless steel pipe can be divided by manufacturing process: single fusion; double fusion (the purpose is to reduce impurities in the pipe and increase corrosion) , stainless steel piping can be divided into seamless and seamless.

Stainless steel connections are SWG (SWAGELOK), VCR, BUTT welded butt joint, locking teeth (SCREWED), flange (FLANGE), QUICK CONNECTOR (QUICK CONNECTOR)

Considerations for choosing stainless steel tubes

  • Need to consider the nature of the fluid in the pipeline (flow, pressure, temperature, corrosion)
  • Common bulk gas (GN2, CDA, Ar, H2, O2), where GN2 and CDA use BA grade, and other BULK GAS and APECIALTY GAS use EP grade pipe with SUS316L material, sometimes, the owner also use GN2 with CDA as power for PUMP, SUS304 will be considered.
  • If SUS304 is used, the locking teeth will need to be SCH10S or thicker.
  • VIM + VAR is usually used for highly corrosive gases, such as BCL3, WF6, CL2, HBr, etc.

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