How to find a good supplier in China

How to find a good supplier in China

I am Kappolo,sales director of INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION,I am engaged in stainless steel line more than 15 years,I know there are thousands of stainless steel manufacturer in Wenzhou,like sanitary valve,sanitary fitting,sanitary pump and sanitary tube etc.,but I also know it’s still very different to find one good and suitable supplier in Wenzhou and China!

Why it’s difficult find a good supplier in Wenzhou,there are total about 3 reasons,if you have interest,pls check as following:

  1. There are too many different levels suppliers in Alibaba or Made-in-China,with similar pictures and descriptions,so its difficult jude it only by web site.
  2. Becauseof the machine producing cost decreased these years,too many fresh man entered in this line,most of them are not from Wenzhou local,they just want to earn “quick money”,so they don’t care about the quality,if the price is too low,

they will reduce the specification and use not qualified material,they just want to do “one time business”,then disappear next year,instead,we want to establish long term business relationship with our customers,our oldest customer is more than 15 years,same as our company’s life,we always  work and improve together with our customers.

  1. Because of the COVID this year,foreignerscouldn’t go to China visit suppliers this year,so it’s couldn’t do the job believing is seeing.

If you are tired of searching stainless steel products suppliers in China,just contact me by

You just do one thing send all the materials and requirements to us,then you have nothing to do!


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