How to get from Shanghai to Wenzhou from the Pudong airport (PVG)?

As the best supplier of sanitary valves, fittings, pumps, and pipes in Wenzhou, many domestic and foreign customers are interested in our factory and want to come to Wenzhou specifically to see our factory. Thus was born this blog.

1. The first method is more suitable for customers who rent a car or have their car. Shanghai is about 481.1km away from Wenzhou, and it takes about 5 hours to drive or rent a car from Shanghai Pudong Airport, via Shaozhu Highway and Zhuyong Highway, which costs about US$44-US$63. Compared with other transportation methods, this method saves the time of waiting for the bus, and the speed is up to you, which is freer.

2. The second method is more suitable for customers who want to enjoy the scenery along the way. That is to take the train. From Shanghai Pudong Airport, take Shanghai Maglev Transportation (SMT) to Longyang Road, then transfer to Line 2 subway at Longyang Road to Hongqiao Station. Hongqiao Station is a station in Shanghai dedicated to trains. Since there is no direct train from Shanghai to Wenzhou yet, customers can choose a train to Yiwu from Hongqiao Station and then take a direct train from Yiwu to Wenzhou. The second method is more laborious, and you have to calculate the time you take the transportation so as not to miss or arrive early. This method takes about 4 hours and 49 minutes and costs US$41-US$61 for transportation.

3. The third method is more like the second one, but much faster than the second one, and that is to take the high-speed railway. Since 2015, after the opening of the Jin-Wen railroad between Shanghai and Wenzhou, the round-trip time between the two places has been greatly reduced, and it only takes 3 hours and 4 minutes to reach Wenzhou from Shanghai if you take this high-speed train. However, the high-speed train also departs from Shanghai Hongqiao, so you can also take Metro Line 2 to Shanghai Hongqiao first and then take the high-speed train to Wenzhou. The price of the high-speed train is relatively cheap, ranging from US$33-US$52.

4. The fourth method is the one I least recommend, and that is by bus. Although the price of the bus is the cheapest of all methods, only about US$30, the time required for the bus ride is too long, roughly estimated at 6 hours and 20 minutes. If you are not in a hurry, you can try to take the bus.

5. Flying is the fastest and most economical way to get out of Shanghai’s Pudong Airport, just by buying a plane ticket. Flying is also the most time-saving of all means of transportation, taking only about 2 hours and 51 minutes to reach Wenzhou Longwan International Airport.

The above 5 methods in addition to the first and fifth method, other methods the final destination is in Wenzhou South Railway Station, and most of our factories are located in the coastal area, so in the railway station can also choose to take the S1 light rail and then transfer to the bus to reach the destination. In addition to customers who drive and rent a car, for customers who take other means of transportation I recommend taking a taxi, China’s taxi industry has been very mature, basic on-call, more convenient.

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