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Sanitary Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Quality Sanitary Butterfly Valves Guarantee

  • Qualified Material Grade: 304/ 316L Standard Stainless Steel
  • Handle Type: Pull, Triggle
  • End Type: Weld, Clamp,Thread, Union, Flange
  • Seal: FDA standards, each butterfly valve with a sealing ring protect absence of crevices or cavities
  • Screw: Screw also use 304 standard to prevent rust
  • Sanitary valves include CIP capability

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Inoxcn aims at making the whole process easy, fast and hassle-free to save your time and energy.

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After recieve your sizes, quantity inquiry email, we will reply you in 5 minutes (working time), Let’s have faster, efficient communication.

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Upon figuring out the details, we deliver the requested sample to you for verifying the production-quality.

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We take care of the production phase and promise you the punctual delivery service with 12 days.

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If you find any defective products, we accept replace those defective products for you, just send us document, mtc, inspection report.

How We Deliver High Quality Sanitary Butterfly Valves?

Raw Material Selection

Our sanitary butterfly valves are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, to guarantee can be used for the industries with highest possible levels of sanitation, such as dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical.

Rigorous Testing

Before packaging, our QC department need to pressure testing every sanitary butterly valve to guarantee every butterfly won’t prevent leaks , and ensures that you receive your orders without the need for replacement.

We normally use 10 bar to test it, if leaking, we will replace the disc and seal, then test again untill qualified, normally 99.9% qualified, the left 0.1%, we will put it as defective products and machine again!

Worry-free Logistics

With our fast packaging and thorough quality control, whether to order in bulk or in smaller quantities, we can handle one-time projects as well as a larger volume within a specified timeframe.

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