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Anti-Leakage Butterfly Valve

Anti-leakage butterfly valve is an upgraded product in the butterfly valve series, the unique design of the butterfly plate, better sealing has – drainage full of the case, can be discharged from the sewage bay, in the process pipeline to play the role of anti-mixing and valve cavity decontamination, the valve has a manual drive and pneumatic drive can be selected, such as the transmission of data with the automatic control center can choose to control the air head and proximity switch, widely used in beer, beverage, juice, food and other engineering.

Technical Parameters

Specificaton: DN25-DN150

Mamum product pressure: 1000Kpa (10bar).

Mnmum product pressure vacuum.

Temperature ranpe:-10℃ to -96℃.

Supely compressed ar minmum 4bar maxmum ebar

Note Please use fluoronutber for higher temperature.


Contact with material: 304 or 316L .

Surface treatment: fine car mett.

Seaing material: EPDM.

Optionalt:silicone nubber (Q), fuoro nutber (FPM)

  • The core components of sanitary anti-leakage butterfly valves are equipped with sealing diagrams that meet FDA requirements.
  • Fully forged valve body is stronger, more durable and more stable.
  • Sanitary anti-mixing butterfly valve with built-in anti-mixing butterfly plate design enables separate cleaning of the butterfly plate and visual leakage inspection, and the valve design meets the EU sanitary EHEDG requirements, fully realizing online CIP cleaning and achieving a clean use environment in the pipe passage area.
  • Unique design and easy dsassembly.
  • The unique design of the disc is better sealed, and it here is a leak, the leak can be detected and drscharped from the drain.
  • Valves are avalabie in marual or pneumatic versions with intelligent or proximty switches.
  • The imporied seols have strong acid, akali and high termperature resistance, and the permanent compression deformation is small.

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