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Anti Vacuum House A Type

The Anti Vacuum House minimizes the risk of implosion in closed process tanks that are subject to vacuum conditions, such as while filling or emptying the tank, cool rinsing after hot-cleaning, or caustic cleaning in a CO2 atmosphere. The valve is designed for hygienic processes in the brewery, dairy, food and beverage industries.

Effective vacuum protection

When high process safety and production reliability are critical, this unit helps prevent tanks from being subjected to vacuum conditions that can lead to tank damage or deformation and product leakage. Cost-effective, reliable and easy to install, it provides effective vacuum protection while improving process reliability and safety.

Multi-functional hygienic design

In addition to providing tank vacuum protection, the device can be used in combination with a safety valve or a regulating valve to provide overpressure protection and process protection, respectively.

Excellent valve cleanliness

The anti-vacuum chamber allows for an extremely high level of hygiene. Simply connect the unit to the main Clean-In-Place (CIP) system using a CIP nozzle. This allows for fast and effective cleaning during the regular tank CIP cycle.


1.Minimized risk of tank collapse due to internal vacuum conditions

2.Fully washable with CIP system

3.Easy to integrate

4.Simple installation and low investment

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