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Anti Vacuum Valve B Type

The anti-vacuum valve is a compact safety valve that minimizes the risk of tank implosion in the event of vacuum conditions. These occur when filling or emptying containers, hot cleaning in a CO 2 atmosphere or cold rinsing after caustic cleaning. Designed for use in the beer, dairy, food and beverage industries, it helps optimize safety, reliability and performance of critical processes and maximizes uptime.

Low initial investment cost

The anti-vacuum valve features a rugged design that prevents the tank from collapsing due to internal vacuum conditions. Its low initial investment cost provides a long-term return on investment as a result of operational reliability and extended service life, as well as reduced product loss, increased process safety and improved sanitation.

Compact valve design

The compact, robust and hygienic anti-vacuum valve can be easily installed on top of any closed tank. The size and setting of the valve depends on the vacuum level of the tank, the maximum allowable evacuation rate, cleaning procedures and process requirements.

Superior valve hygiene

The anti-vacuum valves are carefully designed for excellent hygiene and cleanliness and feature high quality stainless steel with surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.8 μm. The sealing technology used also provides higher thermal stability, better chemical resistance and higher tensile strength.


1.Low initial investment cost

2.Compact design

3.Excellent hygiene

4.Easy installation

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