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Aseptic Double Tube Plate Heat Exchanger

The aseptic double tube and plate heat exchanger can be used to operate under the highest sanitary conditions. Its unique design makes the heat exchanger compact and aesthetically pleasing, and provides maximum heat transfer performance. Its heat transfer efficiency is several times higher than that of traditional tubular heat exchangers, and can be widely used in heating and cooling processes in the chemical, electronic and pharmaceutical industries. The material flows in the tube process, and the refrigerant or hot medium flows in the shell process. The material and the hot and cold medium pass through the compactly arranged tube bundle to exchange heat efficiently in order to achieve the temperature requirements of the process. Because the heat exchanger adopts double tube plate design, it completely eliminates the two-way cross contamination of material and hot and cold media.

Material : 316L
Max. working pressure: Pipe 1.6Mpa, Shell 1.6Mpa
Maximum working temperature: 280℃
Internal and external surface finish: Ra0.5μm

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