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Carbonating Stones for Brite Beer Tanks

Carbonite, usually found in beer fermenters, can be installed directly through fittings. Each carbonation stone is made of 316 sintered stainless steel, a porous body that can be submerged in water to diffuse CO2 gas directly into the brewing solution. In an ideal system, the stone is installed in the lowermost part of the hard water tank, providing the longest distance for CO2 to reach the head. Some brewers use carbonation stones in conical fermenters (or Uni Tank).

  • 1½ inch Tri Clamp fitting mounts on tank ferrule
  • ¼ inch FNPT gas connection
  • ¼ inch FNPT fitting
  • sintered stainless steel diffusing stone
  • 2 micron porosity
  • Stainless steel 316 body

We are professional manufacturers of carbonating stones, we specialize in tank equipments for over 15 years!

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