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Flexible Impeller Pump

The flexible impeller pumps are volumetric pumps with excellent self-priming performance and have self-priming capacity up to 5 meters. The viscous product delivers almost the same efficiency as pumping, so it is very versatile, suction treatment is very smooth and soft, never whipping or damaging the product, even fragile products like high fat cream. Large berries, even like half of peach can be pumped without damage, the pump run completely pulsating. It can also be used as a dosing pump by adjusting the pump speed.

Max flow: 20m³/h
Max pressure: 4 bar
Max suction: 5 M
Max Temperature: 80℃
Rotating speed:1450 R.P.M
Surface treatment:Ra≤0.6μm;EP=Ra0.4μm

We are professional manufacturers of flexible impeller pump, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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