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Flexible impeller pump

Max flow: 20m3/h
Max pressure : 4 bar
Max suction: 5 M
Max Temperature: 80℃
Rotating speed:1450 R.P.M
Surface treatment:Ra≤0.6μm;EP=Ra0.4μm


Hygiene is of Paramount importance in the food and dairy processing industry.Inoxcn is designed with polished stainless steel and impellers of food or milk grade to meet demanding hygiene requirements.Stainless steel sanitary RX is easy to clean using a slotless shaft seal that does not cause liquid deposition. The impeller material used has been tested and approved and has been identified as compliant with FDA regulations.Typical products suitable for this type of pump include: milk, skimmed milk, cream, curds, yoghurt, whey, lumps, syrups, flavorings, gels, honey, jams, ointments, canned foods, beverages, wines, beers, juices and spices

We are professional manufacturers of flexible impeller pump, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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