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High-capacity Centrifugal Pumps

Hygienic high-capacity centrifugal pumps (up to 1000 m³/h) designed to meet the unmet needs of the food processing as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Applications for high-flow centrifugal pumps typically include processes in the brewing, dairy and beverage industries, as well as processes in ultrafiltration processes. It can also be used for certain specific processes in the textile industry as well as in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Parts in contact with pumped media: AISI 316L
Lantern and bearing support: CF8 / GG-22
Gasket: EPDM according to FDA 177.2600
Mechanical seal: SiC / C / EPDM
Inner surface finish: Ra≤0.8
Outer surface finish: satin

Working Principle

The impeller is located inside the pump casing and rotates together with the pump shaft. With this arrangement, the impeller vanes transfer energy to the fluid in the form of kinetic and pressure energy. The pump cannot be achieved by simply reversing the direction of rotation. When the pump is viewed from the rear side of the motor, the direction of rotation is clockwise.

Design and Functionality
  • Housing with worm housing made of 8 mm cold-formed sheet.
  • Aseptic flange according to DIN 11864-2
  • Double curvature impeller with blades at the rear side to reduce axial thrust
  • Axial adjustment of the impeller (bare shaft type). Hygienic mechanical seal.
  • Fully drainable pump.
  • Design according to EHEDG standard.
  • IEC B3 motor (B35 enclosed construction).
  • IP 55, class F insulation.

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