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Hygenic Tank Safetyunit

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORTION produces the tank page protection device mainly includes several functional parts: pressure protection components, aP cleaning parts, gas wave switching components, several functions through the combination of design into one, the tank, knowledge needs to provide a mounting port, while each functional component is connected through a live connection, the installation row is often convenient, the structure is also designed to ensure that the device itself can be completely cleaned. According to the actual automation, cost and usability of different needs, pressure protection components, GP cleaning components, gas-liquid switching components can provide different configuration options: pressure protection components: divided into positive pressure protection and negative pressure protection, the standard configuration for the overpressure protection valve (PRV) and vacuum protection valve (VRV combination, optional configuration for the breathing valve (AS) aP cleaning components: including device self-cleaning Part and tank aP cleaning part, tank cleaning part of the fixed washing ball (SB), rotary washing ball (SP) and rotary washing t (RSC) optional gas-liquid tough assembly: mainly used for aP cleaning and co, supply, recovery of the switch, the standard configuration for the SKO single-seat valve, optional configuration for the combination of F-type shut-off valve, butterfly valve or check valve.


It is widely used in beer, beverage, dairy products and other industries.

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