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Hygienic Twin Screw Pump

The pumps are twin-screw pumps with a hygienic design for the food, dairy, beverage and cosmetic industries. The flow is homogeneous and takes place in the axial direction, so that there is no change in the volume or physical properties of the product. Therefore, it is the ideal pump for handling shear-sensitive fluids. It has a high suction lift capacity with a very low NPSH value. It is capable of pumping high viscosity but low viscosity fluids and therefore can be used as a CIP supply pump. The design ensures adequate cleanliness and drainage.


Parts in contact with the product: 316L
Bearing bracket in contact with product EPDM: 316
Mechanical seal: rotating part silicon carbide (SiC), fixed part silicon carbide (SiC)
Gasket EPDM
Surface finish.
Internal Ra <0,8μm
External matte
Connection: DIN

Design and Functionality

The pumps are available in two versions: tightly coupled and bare shaft construction. The design with three parts (suction port, discharge port and separate flange) allows easier disassembly of the components and is designed according to the EHEDG recommendations. The mechanical seal has a hygienic design and other materials can be used if required.

We are professional manufacturers of hygienic twin screw pump, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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