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IC 004 Self-Priming Pump

For increased pump efficiency and significant energy savings, choose the IC 004 Self-Priming Pump. the advanced design of air screw pump technology makes it easy to handle cleaning-in-place (CIP) tasks that contain entrained air and pumped process media. This reduces capital investment. Like the IC Series pumps, the IC 004 Self-Priming Pump meets the most stringent requirements in the food, dairy, beverage, home, and personal care industries. The extended performance range adds versatility.

Pump range
Working Principle

In applications where the pumping medium contains a mixture of air and liquid in the pumping medium, air screw rotation results in the formation of a continuous liquid ring within the canister.

Due to the eccentric position of the canister relative to the air screw, an air chamber is formed between the liquid ring and the air screw as shown in the figure, which is divided into air pockets between the airscrew blades.

The continuous rotation of the air screw forces the air pocket through the canister into the suction stage of the impeller, which is then pumped out through the discharge.

The liquid is returned to the canister through a recirculation tube from the discharge to ensure that the liquid ring is always maintained.

The canister and recirculation loop will not function properly when no air is present and filled with liquid. The liquid passes through the canister into the suction stage of the impeller, allowing the pump to act as a conventional centrifugal pump.

  • Low risk of process contamination – hygienic design, FDA compliant materials, and predefined USP Class VI compression elastomers
  • Increased throughput and sustainability – Energy and clean media use and hydraulic design reduce energy costs and CO2/waste chemical emissions
  • Maximizes uptime and reduces maintenance costs – Robust mechanical design and modular front-loading seals allow for easy maintenance
  • Reduced capital investment – Designed for CIP operations, which contain entrained air but can also pump product, reducing the need for additional pumps
  • Quieter operation than other technologies, providing a safe working environment for plant operators

We are professional manufacturers of IC 004 self-priming pumps, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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