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IC 005 Self-Priming Pump for Higher Purity

The IC 005 Self-Priming Pump for Higher Purity is a quiet-running high purity pump that meets the needs of the pharmaceutical industry for fluids containing air/gas, such as CIP fluids. The pneumatic screw technology of this versatile pump is suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Place), SIP (Sterilization In Place), and manual cleaning.

Pneumatic screws are made from a solid rod with no weld seams, which provides a smooth, non-porous surface. This helps ensure the highest level of sanitation and repeatability and reduces the risk of contamination. The pump features a leach-free pharmaceutical-grade SiC mechanical seal specifically designed for CIP return applications that contain air/gas and liquid mixtures. The long seal life and lack of contamination increase productivity and throughput.

  • Low risk of process contamination – hygienic design, FDA compliant materials, and predefined USP Class VI compression elastomers
  • Increased throughput and sustainability – Energy and clean media use and hydraulic design reduce energy costs and CO2/waste chemical emissions
  • Maximizes uptime and reduces maintenance costs – Robust mechanical design and modular front-loading seals allow for easy maintenance
  • Reduced capital investment – Designed for CIP operations, which contain entrained air but can also pump product, reducing the need for additional pumps
  • Quieter operation than other technologies, providing a safe working environment for plant operators

We are professional manufacturers of IC 005 self-priming pumps for Higher Purity, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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