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IC 006 Filtration Centrifugal Pump for High Inlet Pressure

The IC 006 Filtration Centrifugal Pump for High Inlet Pressure is a high-pressure, high-efficiency centrifugal pump ideal for high-pressure filtration applications.

Unique impeller design

A semi-open impeller with a special blade design ensures a particularly low NPSHr (net positive suction head required). This helps prevent cavitation and minimizes the risk of mechanical damage. Balancing holes in the impeller enhances circulation around the shaft seal and reduces axial forces. This minimizes wear on the shaft seal and motor bearings.

External shaft seal

Front-mounted shaft seals with springs and gaskets, mounted on the atmospheric pressure side, allow for quick, easy, and economical maintenance. Shaft seals can be replaced in just a few minutes. In addition, the balanced design minimizes the risk of seal opening during unexpected pressure shocks.

Optimized shaft seal

One-shaft seals fit a wide range of pumps. Identical IC 001 sanitary centrifugal pump single shaft seals fit 11 models of IC 001 sanitary centrifugal pump pumps. IC 001 sanitary centrifugal pump seals are also available as single flush or double flush and can be interchanged with several additional components in just a few minutes. This standardization reduces inventory and makes replacement of wear parts easy and fast.

Compression coupling

Another distinguishing feature is the compression coupling. This allows the short shaft to be firmly attached to the motor shaft. Setup is simple, the operation is safe, and noise and vibration are minimized. In addition, the coupling helps to extend the service life of the shaft seal and the motor.

  • High efficiency

Precision-engineered pumps and motors provide efficient and gentle product handling. Rugged design, tight tolerances, and advanced impeller design minimize recirculation and ensure efficient energy transfer.

  • Hygienic design

The impeller design ensures efficient and gentle handling of the product as it passes through the pump. This ensures product integrity and minimizes NPSHr (net positive suction head required).

The key is attention to detail. Controlled compression gaskets, internal parts without gaps, external mechanical seals, and optimized impellers with balancing bores ensure a true cleaning of the pump during the effective CIP cycle. o-rings tightened to a predefined pressure allow perfect alignment of components and joints, thus minimizing the contact surfaces of elastomer products, which also guarantees hygiene.

  • Low energy consumption
  • External shaft seal – hygienic and serviceable

By placing the shaft seal on the outside of the pump, difficult-to-clean components do not directly contact the product. In addition, the front-loading design allows for quick and easy replacement, resulting in longer uptime and reduced maintenance costs. Interchangeable single, flush and double seals simplify spare parts inventory.

We are professional manufacturers of IC 006 filtration centrifugal pumps for high inlet pressure, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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