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IC 007 Centrifugal Pump

The IC 007 pharmaceutical pumps combine optimized inlet ports and advanced impeller design to provide smooth product flow, extremely low NPSH requirements, and excellent hydraulic efficiency to ensure your process runs smoothly. They are designed for CIP with a maximum flow rate of 500 m3 / h and a maximum pressure of 190 m (19 bar).

The semi-open impeller blade design ensures that the required net positive and negative pressure head is low and prevents cavitation. The impeller balance bore helps to allow process fluid to flow through the shaft seal area, thereby reducing axial forces and reducing wear on the seal and motor bearings. High flow rates around the pump, especially behind the impeller near the shaft seal, allow for easy cleaning and enhanced lubrication/cooling of the seal, resulting in longer life.

  • Low contamination risk – sanitary design with pharmaceutical-grade SiC+ seals, predefined compression elastomers, and low delta ferrite impellers
  • Maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs – Robust mechanical design and modular front-loading seals allow for easy maintenance
  • Increased throughput – Full material traceability and USP Class VI elastomers reduce the risk of process contamination from extractables
  • Energy-efficient and clean – precise hydraulic design for energy consumption and CO2/waste chemical emissions for increased throughput and process sustainability
  • Robust qualification, validation, and process control – material traceability

We are professional manufacturers of IC 007 sanitary centrifugal pumps, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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