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IC 012 Centrifugal Pump

The special features of the IC 012 centrifugal pump include external shaft seals and springs, pressure-limited O-rings on the backing plate, a slit-free design, and special standard materials throughout.

IC 012 Construction

The pump consists of a standard motor, short shaft, mechanical compression coupling, stainless steel adapter, backplate, impeller, pump housing, and shaft seal.

Unique Impeller Design
  • The IC 012 centrifugal pump has a unique semi-open impeller and special vane design that ensures an exceptionally low NPSHr (net positive suction head required), which is the total suction nozzle pressure necessary to make the pump work properly. This helps prevent cavitation and minimizes the risk of mechanical damage.
  • The impeller also has balance holes which provide excellent flow in the shaft seal area and reduce the axial forces acting on the impeller. This reduces wear on the shaft seal and drives motor bearings.
  • Semi-open impellers with balance bores provide a high degree of clean the shaft seal.
External Shaft Seal
  • An important feature of the IC 012 design is the front-mounted external shaft seal with the spring and gasket mounted on the atmospheric pressure side. This configuration makes maintenance quick, easy, and inexpensive – it only takes about 5 minutes to replace the shaft seal.
  • The use of front-mounted shaft seals, combined with pipe fittings mounted on the pump casing, also means that there is no need to disconnect or remove the pump casing for inspection or maintenance. This saves time and money and helps keep downtime to a minimum. This feature also means that a spare pump without a casing can be quickly installed in place.

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