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IC 021 High-shear Homogenizing Emulsification Pump

The IC 21 high-shear homogenizing emulsification pump is a precision instrument driven by an electric motor that rotates the stator and causes the bearings to rotate together with the connected stirring bar. It generates powerful shearing force in high-speed rotation to achieve the purpose of mixing, crushing, and emulsification. It is efficient online dispersion equipment, installed in the pipeline for continuous processing of materials.

Model Power(KW) Rotation Speed(rpm) Flow


Outlet pressure


Powder Liquid Import Export
IC 021-001 4 2900 12 0.08 Ф 32 Ф 50
IC 021-002 7.5 2900 18 0.1 Ф 40 Ф 63
IC 021-003 15 2900 25 0.15 Ф 50 Ф 76
IC 021-004 35 2900 50 0.2 Ф 63 Ф 89
IC 021-005 76 2900 80 0.35 Ф 76 Ф 102


Fine Chemicals: pigments, glues, sealants, resin emulsions, bactericides, coagulants

Petrochemicals: Lubricating grease, diesel emulsification, asphalt modification, catalyst, paraffin emulsification

Bio-pharmaceutical: injection, antibacterial agent, ointment, biological agent, microcapsule emulsification sugar coating

Coating and ink: printing ink, emulsion paint, architectural paint, automotive paint, coating auxiliaries

Pesticides: fungicides, seed coating agents, herbicides, pesticide emulsions, fertilizers, biopesticides

Nanomaterials: nanomaterials dispersion depolymerization, reaction extraction nanoproducts

Food industry: fruit juice, jam, jelly, ice cream, dairy products, additives, tea drinks

Daily chemical products: detergents, shampoos, creams, lip balms, facial cleansers, daily fragrances

Paper: pulp, adhesives, rosin emulsification, papermaking auxiliaries, resin emulsification

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