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IC 047 Sanitary Mixing Pump

The mixer consists essentially of a jacket and a vertically mounted centrifugal pump impeller. The suction side has a hopper and piping to separate the solids inlet from the liquid, thus avoiding the formation of flocs before the material enters the jacket. -The liquid enters the mixing chamber at a high velocity, thus creating a vacuum in the center of the impeller, which draws in the solids. The entry of solids can be controlled by a valve installed under the filling hopper. It is important to maintain low pressure on the suction and discharge sides of the mixer. Avoid cavitation. Therefore, only provide the transfer pump when the application really needs it (large pressure will reduce the suction of solids, high viscosity materials, etc.), always remember that the suction capacity will be reduced. -When the outlet pressure is very high, a centrifugal pump needs to be installed to drain the side of the mixer. When the viscosity exceeds 500 cP, the transfer pump and the discharge pump must be positive displacement pumps (rotor pumps).

Size A B C D H H1 L L1
IC 047-01 1083 582 682 630 320 105 400 20
IC 047-02 1083 582 682 630 320 105 400 202
IC 047-03 1135 650 793 770 360 121 420 220
IC 047-04 1135 650 793 770 360 121 420 220
IC 047-05 1183 835 932 870 400 125 470 220


Preparation of syrups, sorbitol, glucose, lactose and derivatives

Preparation of milk powder, dissolution of cocoa powder or sugar in milk

Preparation of dairy slurries

Preparation of flour and starch slurries

Preparation of brines, premixed sour cheeses, and other dairy desserts

Dissolution of dappled clay for wine filtration

Dissolving casein and casein in the cheese-making industry

Formulation of pesticides and fertilizers

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