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IC 1017 Stainless steel wire fastening gate valve

The opening and closing parts of the stainless steel wire-button gate valve are plug-shaped valve flaps with flat or tapered sealing surfaces, and the valve flaps move in a straight line along the centerline of the fluid. Simple structure, relatively easy to manufacture and repair, and small working stroke, short opening and closing time. Good sealing, small friction between the sealing surface, long life.

DN NB Inner diameter of thread(mm)
DN15 1/2 19
DN20 3/4 24
DN25 1 30
DN32 1 1/4 39
DN40 1 1/2 44
DN50 2 56.5
DN65 2 1/2 72.5
DN80 3 84.5
DN100 4 110

We are professional manufacturers of IC 1017 stainless steel wire fastening gate valves, we specialize in sanitary ball valves for more than 15 years!

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