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IC 1019 Welded Needle Valve

Welded needle valves are mainly globe valves and ball valves, whose function is to open or cut off the pipeline path. The valve spool is a very pointed cone as if a needle into the seat, than other types of valves can withstand greater pressure, the valve has a good seal, generally used for smaller flow, higher pressure gas or liquid (such as steam, oil) media seal.

DN NB Inner diameter of thread(mm) Outside diameter of thread(mm)
DN6 1/8 8.5 9.5
DN8 1/4 11.5 12.5
DN10 3/8 15 16
DN15 1/2 19 20
DN20 3/4 24 25.5
DN25 1 30 32

We are professional manufacturers of IC 1019 welded needle valves, we specialize in sanitary ball valves for more than 15 years!

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