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IC 202 Butterfly Valve

The special flanged version of the IC 202 butterfly valve allows easy disassembly of the valve body without the need to disassemble the piping setup. This, in turn, makes repair, maintenance and replacement very easy, while causing little disruption.

Full range, full spectrum

The INOXCN IC 202 butterfly valve consists of modular units designed to meet a wide range of requirements from full vacuum to 10 bar working pressure. All valves are FDA compliant, designed for use in a wide range of stainless steel piping systems, and can be manufactured to meet virtually any installation standard.

Reliable Performance

The IC 202 butterfly valve has several features to ensure reliable performance. Highly polished stainless steel discs with smooth surfaces down to Ra < 0.8 µm and bearing bushings clamped to the disc stem prevent wear between metals and ensure smooth disc movement.

The stem diameter provides a particularly low flow resistance, ensuring gentle product handling for low to medium viscosity products. In addition, INOXCN seal technology provides higher thermal stability, better chemical resistance, and higher tensile strength.

Manual or automatic control

The INOXCN IC 202 butterfly valve can be used with lockable handles for manual operation via actuators and in combination with valve indicating units and control units.

For manual operation: INOXCN offers a complete range of handles, including multi-position lockable handles.

For automated operation: Different actuator options are available. A special double-spring design applies maximum torque to the valve disc in the breakaway and sealing positions. This allows easy integration of these valve units into larger systems operated from the center position and/or they can be operated automatically to achieve maximum efficiency.

We are professional manufacturers of IC 202 butterfly valves, we specialize in sanitary valves for more than 15 years!

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