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IC 300 Ball Valves

The sanitary ball valve has a full bore design that allows full fluid flow with minimal pressure drop, making it ideal for handling viscous liquids or liquids containing particles in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Reliable full-flow performance

INOXCN sanitary ball valves are full-flow valves that provide on/off control with minimal pressure drop. The valve opening has a constant pipe diameter, which allows fluid to flow freely through the valve when open. The flow restriction is comparable to that of a straight pipe. This makes IC 300 Ball Valves suitable.

  • Handling fluids that are viscous or contain solid, semi-solid, or abrasive particles
  • Use was clearing the line out of the pipe is a primary consideration
  • Applications where gentle product handling is required
  • CIP applications
  • Automatic or manual control
  • For versatility, the INOXCN IC 300 Ball Valves are available in manual or automatic operation.

Manual operation: IC 300 Ball Valves feature a stainless steel quarter-turn handle that mechanically locks the valve in the open or closed position.

Automatic operation: The IC 300 Ball Valves uses a standard maintenance-free pneumatic actuator. Actuated ball valves are delivered as normally closed (NC) valves and can be controlled from a remote location by compressed air. However, they can be easily rebuilt to a normally open (NO) configuration.

Compact, simple ball valve design

Easy to install in virtually any line, INOXCN IC 300 Ball Valves feature a direct float design that ensures a tight seal and allows axial movement while preventing rotation. They are water hammer safe and completely insensitive to pressure shocks in the pipeline.

The spring-loaded, self-adjusting seal ring provides a highly reliable stem seal. IC 300 Ball Valves with automatic control have inspection holes in the bonnet for easy inspection of the stem seal.

Easy-to-maintain ball valves

Three-piece valve design with virtually no moving parts allows for easy access to all valve components, making maintenance quick and easy. Durable PTFE seats help extend service intervals. No maintenance-specific tools are required.

We are professional manufacturers of IC 300 Ball Valves, we specialize in sanitary valves for more than 15 years!

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