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IC 414 Stainless Steel Multi-bag Filter

The IC 414 stainless steel multi-bag filter uses more space inside, eliminating the waste of space that exists in traditional side-entry models. The filter bag can be replaced quickly by opening the top cover, unlike the traditional side-entry type, which can be replaced only after taking out the filter bag tightening ring, reducing the chance of secondary pollution. -The liquid inlet pipeline is wide and smooth, and the liquid can be divided into pressure automatically after entering; the impact on the filter bag is small, which effectively protects the filter bag and prevents accidents from happening, and the pressure loss is small, so the filtration is faster and more stable. After the liquid enters the side-entry filter, turbulent flow is generated inside, which results in larger pressure loss and may cause the filter bag to flip inside the filter, resulting in the accidental rupture of the filter bag. -The filter bag adopts the patented ring buckle, which is tightly fitted to the filter and will not be loosened; multiple sealing, better sealing effect.

Filter No Dimensions
IC 414-1 570 130 150-500 219
IC 414-2 920 130 150-500 219
IC 414-3 280 115 150-300 114
IC 414-4 400 115 150-300 114


food filtration, chemical filtration, edible oil filtration, paint filtration, activated carbon pre-filtration, etc.

We are professional manufacturers of IC 414 stainless steel multi-bag filters, we specialize in tank equipment for more than 15 years!

IC 414 Stainless Steel Multi

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