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IC 900 Non-return Valve

IC 900 Non-return Valve is specifically designed for installation in stainless steel piping to prevent backflow of fluids. Used in a wide variety of processes throughout the sanitary industry, these standard check valves are both safe and highly reliable.

Safe and reliable process protection

The INOXCN IC 900 Non-return Valve is a highly reliable non-return valve that ensures a one-way product flow through the production line. This provides protection for process equipment that may be affected by backflow and prevents pressure fluctuations and/or system downtime.

IC 900 Non-return Valve range

The standard range of the INOXCN IC 900 Non-return Valve is made of standard 304 or acid-resistant 316L stainless steel. The valves are easy to install and designed to withstand maximum product pressures of up to 10 bar and temperatures from -10°C to 140°C (EPDM). For added versatility, these check valves are available in semi-gloss or polished finishes, as well as a variety of weld, ends for ISO or DIN connections.

We are professional manufacturers of IC 900 Non-return Valve, we specialize in sanitary check valves for more than 15 years!

IC 900 Non-return Valve

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