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Liquid Circulate Self-priming Pump

Liquid circulate self-priming pump is a hygienic design side slot, self-priming pump for the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.Designed for pumping materials containing air or gas, it can be used in negative suction with preferential suction and filtration equipment. It also can be used in wine, oil, syrup, volatiles, such as alcohol, acetone tanks and other solvents, or other materials with a temperature near the boiling point. However. The main purpose of this pump is for CIP recycling

Maximum flow rate Max Flow rate: 40m³/h
Maximum head Max Head: 42 H/M
Maximum suction Max suction: 8 / M
Temperature: -20 ° C to 130 ° C
Power power :1.5-15KW
Material Material: 304 /316L
Surface treatment: ≤ Ra0.8μm, ≤ Ra0.6μm, ≤ Ra0.4μm
Machine seal: single machine seal, double machine seal
Inlet/Outlet Connection: Thread, Clamp, Flange, Aseptic Flange

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