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Low Shearing Sine Pump

The sine pump has completely changed the concept of traditional positive displacement pump. The traditional positive displacement pump has pulse fluctuation when conveying materials, which causes the pump and piping system to vibrate. When the impeller is running in the pump, the impeller with sinusoidal surface creates four alternating working chambers, so that there is no impulse fluctuation when conveying materials, thus reducing the vibration of the pump and piping system. The special sinusoidal surface design of the impeller minimizes the shearing of the material, which is especially suitable for conveying sensitive materials. In addition, for materials containing large particles, and at the same time, the requirement of the particles are not squeezed, shear damage, the sine pump is the best choice, the pump shaft we choose special stainless steel, high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, two materials in high-speed operation is not easy to bite, subsequent to the maintenance process in the disassembly is convenient. The design of sine pump is simple and easy to disassemble. It only takes ten minutes to replace any part of the pump body.

Core Benefits

1.Its unique impeller adopts a sinusoidal surface shaped like a sine wave, which reduces the material shear to a minimum in the conveying process.

2.Can convey solid beverages, yogurt, etc.

3.Smooth material handling

Technical parameters

1.Industry: food, beverage, juice, biological, pharmaceutical, dairy, fructose, wine, vinegar, oil selection, daily chemical, water treatment, etc.

2.Range of use:
Flow rate: s 30m/h
Viscosity: s 500,000 CP
Maximum temperature resistance: 180℃ (water cooling chamber is required)
Mechanical seal: single seal or double seal with cooling water (silicon carbide/graphite, silicon carbide/silicon carbide, carbide/hard alloy)
Connection: Live joint, quick-fit, flange
Material: 304, 316L
Seal: EPDM, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, etc.
Speed reducer and support foot: fixed speed or induction mechanical speed control, ordinary, frequency conversion, explosion-proof (voltage, speed, frequency optional), stainless steel adjustable support foot with insulation shock absorption


1. Low shear conveying, no damage to sensitive products, can convey materials containing larger particles.
2. Unique impeller design makes the conveying material soft and continuous, no pulsation, smoother conveying, no impact on the system and pipeline.
3. High suction capacity, inlet suction capacity can be as high as -0.085Mpa.
4. Ultra-low shear conveying, so that the conveying process without aeration, will not produce air bubbles.
5. Ultra-low shear force of the conveying process to the material, making the pump more efficient.
6. wider conveying range, can easily realize conveying viscosity 1cp-500,000cp materials.
7. Can achieve very high working pressure, up to 12 bar.
8. Simple structure, easy maintenance, disassembly of the pump to check or replace a part takes very little time.

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