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Manual Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valve Bottom Valve

SIZE 1″-4″, DN25-DN100
Maximum temperature -30 to 150°C (depending on diaphragm) (stainless steel actuator)
Maximum temperature -30 to 130°C (depending on diaphragm) (plastic actuator)
Maximum pressure 8 bar for normally closed rubber, 6 bar for PTFE (optional)

Normally closed rubber 6 bar, PTFE 4.5 bar (standard)

Normally open and double acting rubber 8 bar, PTFE 6 ba

Forged valve body  1.4404/316L /1.4435 NB2
Cast valve body 1.4404/316L
Connection mode welding, clamp, flange, threads
Structure of valve body 2 channels, 3 channels
Diaphragm material EPDM+PTFE(double-layer)/EPDM/Silicon/FPM(Viton)

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s manual tank bottom diaphragm valve bottom valve used for media venting and draining of pharmaceutical tank equipment.

We are professional manufacturers of manual tank bottom diaphragm valve bottom valve, we specialize in sanitary valves for more than 15 years!

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