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Multifunctional Jet

Multifunctional jets offer excellent cleanability in the tank cleaning range, better end product quality, higher total output and reduced operating costs. They are designed for industrial applications such as paint, steel, pulp and paper, and chemical applications. Available in various sizes and different configurations to cover any tank size.

Cost-effective cleaning

Toftejorg rotary nozzles provide high cleaning efficiency in significantly reduced cycle times to meet the tank cleaning requirements of a wide range of process industries, from the pulp, paper and chemical processing industries to the bioethanol and starch industries.Toftejorg rotary nozzles also offer significant cost savings by reducing energy, chemical and water consumption in tanks of virtually any size and configuration.For optimal cleaning results, Toftejorg rotary nozzles use an optimized jet impingement to ensure efficient distribution of rinse water to all internal tank surfaces. The high-impact, dense spray pattern removes any residue faster and more effectively after the production cycle than more expensive, time-consuming cleaning methods such as immersion in chemicals or manual cleaning. All Toftejorg rotary nozzle units are self-draining and self-cleaning, both internally and externally, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice. Alfa Laval Rotacheck systems verify each cleaning cycle to ensure compliance with today’s stringent standards.

Reliable performance and long service life

Toftejorg rotary nozzles are capable of operating at pressures of less than 0.3 bar, providing very low internal resistance. However, for optimum cleaning performance, the recommended operating pressure is 5 to 12 bar. for more than half a century, rotary nozzles and rotary nozzle technology have proven successful in providing reliable and repeatable cleaning performance with a long service life.

Cost-effective maintenance with minimal downtime

Proper maintenance is critical to optimizing any tank cleaning system, improving performance and extending nozzle life. Spare parts service kits are available with full parts traceability for easy parts replacement and complete documentation for the customer. Video clips of maintenance procedures are available upon request. Cleaning with centralized nozzles and 360° coverage Produces maximum impact and lowest fluid consumption in the shortest possible time

High Product Integrity

To ensure product integrity and extend equipment life, all Toftejorg rotary nozzle equipment is made of safe and non-reactive hygienic materials. Upon request, a 3.1.B certificate indicating compliance with EN 10204 and an ATEX Class 1 certificate indicating compliance with the Atex 94/0 / EC Machinery Directive are available.


All Toftejorg rotary nozzles are accompanied by an operating manual, CAS selection criteria (CAS is Alfa Laval’s design and selection tool) and appropriate certificates, such as 3.1B or ATEX certificates. To determine the correct parameters for a particular tank, the optional TRAX software can be used to simulate the actual cleaning performance of a specific Toftejorg rotary nozzle configuration before finalizing specifications and prior to installation.


1.60% faster cleaning speed = longer production time

2.High impact cleaning with 360° repeatable cleaning

3.With proven cleaning control CIP

4.Save up to 70% of your cleaning costs

5.Hygienic safety through reliable and predictable cleaning performance

We are professional manufacturers of multifunctional jet, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!

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