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Pipe Holder

Stainless steel pipe brackets are also called stainless steel pipe clamps, stainless steel brackets and stainless steel pipe racks, which are mainly used for fixed support of pipes. Stainless steel pipe holder mainly consists of two semi-circular stainless steel sheet, two bolts, a washer (usually red) and a supported steel pipe, steel pipe connection is divided into threaded connection and welding. The width of the pipe support semi-circle: small specifications for 25mm, large specifications for 28mm; semi-circle steel sheet thickness of 1.5mm; semi-circle for the support of the steel pipe under the height of the lower specifications are 45mm.

Technical specifications:
Material 304/316L
Specifications 1/2“ -8”,DN10-DN200
Applicable Standards DIN、SMS、DS、ISO、IDF
Connection mode Welding, Thread

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s pipe support mainly used for industrial pipeline support in the chemical, beverage and food, dairy, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

We are professional manufacturers of pipe holder, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!

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