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Pneumatic Ball Valve

Pneumatic Ball Valve


Body Material 304&316L
Working Pressure 0~5.0bar
Working Temperature -20°C~250°C
Size DN15-DN80
Connection Clamp,Weld,Male or Female,Flange,fast loading

1.Fluid resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to that of a pipe of the same length.

2.Simple structure, small volume and light weight.

3.Close and reliable, the sealing surface material of the ball valve is widely used plastic, good sealing, and has been widely used in vacuum systems.

4.Easy operation, rapid opening and closing, from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation of 90 °, to facilitate remote control.

5.Easy maintenance, pneumatic ball valve structure is simple, the seal is generally movable, easy to disassemble and replace.

6.When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and valve seat is isolated from the medium, which will not cause the erosion of the valve sealing surface when the medium is passed.

7.A wide range of applications, from small diameter to a few millimeters, large to several meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. 8.

8.because the pneumatic ball valve power source is a gas, generally 0.2-0.8MPa pressure, relatively safe. If the pneumatic ball valve leaks, compared to hydraulic and electric, the gas can be discharged directly, no pollution to the environment, and at the same time has a high safety.

9.Compared to manual and turbo-rotating ball valves, pneumatic ball valves can be large-diameter configuration (manual and turbo-rotating ball valves are generally below DN300 caliber, pneumatic ball valves can reach DN1200 caliber).


The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s pneumatic ball valve are used in the dairy, food, oil ,drink,cosmetics,fine chemical.

Pneumatic Ball Valve maintenance, use and installation instructions

1.Make sure that the pipeline and valve have been flushed before operation.

2.The operation of the valve is completed by rotating the valve stem according to the input signal of the actuator: When rotating 1/4 turn (90°) in forward direction, the valve is closed. When rotating 1/4 turn (90°) in the opposite direction, the valve will open.

3.When the directional arrow of the actuator is parallel to the pipeline, the valve is open; when the directional arrow is perpendicular to the pipeline, the valve is closed.

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