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Pneumatic Head

The pneumatic head of the actuator and regulating mechanism is a unified whole, the actuator has a film type, piston type and rack and pinion type. The piston type has a long stroke and is suitable for occasions requiring a large thrust; while the thin-film type has a small stroke and can only drive the valve stem directly.

Features of the pneumatic heads produced by The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION:

1.Compact two-piston rack and pinion construction for precise engagement, high efficiency and constant output torque.
2.Aluminum cylinder body, piston and end cap, the lightest weight compared to other actuators of the same size.
3.The cylinder body is made of extruded aluminum alloy, hard anodized, with hard inner surface, strength and high hardness. The sliding bearing is made of low friction material, avoiding the direct contact between metals, low friction coefficient, flexible rotation and long service life.

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