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Polishing Elliptical Manhole Cover

Technical specifications:
Size  435 * 335,530 * 430,635 * 525
Height 75,100,120,150
Internal surface Ra0.8μm-0.5μm
Outer surfaces  Mirror polish,satin finish, sand-blasting
Max. pressure 3.0bar
Gasket EPDM, NBR, SILICON, FPM conform toFDA177.2600
Material AISI304 (1.4301) / 316L (1.4404)

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s polishing elliptical manhole cover mainly used in the food, wine, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries to store tanks.

We are professional manufacturers of polishing elliptical manhole cover, we specialize in tank equipments for over 15 years!

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