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Portable Agitator

It is vertical direct electric mixers with clamps. They can be used for mixing, dissolving, dispersing and maintenance processes when powerful and high speed mixing is required in the food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. The stirrers can be installed in small tanks up to 1,500 liters to handle low viscosity products.


Parts in contact with the medium: AISI 316L
Retainer: NBR
Bearing bracket: Aluminum
Surface treatment: Ra≤0.8μm

Working Principle

These agitators are fixed to the tank wall by means of clamps, and they can be tilted to the desired position due to the joints. The rotation of the propeller causes the fluid to flow to the bottom of the tank and then along the tank wall (as opposed to the wall with the agitator) to the fluid surface. This effect can be improved if the bottom of the tank is curved.

Design and Functionality
  • Stirrer with clamps.
  • Bearing support.
  • The propeller is fixed to the shaft by means of Allen fixing bolts, the shaft is fixed to the half shaft.
  • IEC B14 motor, 1500 rpm, IP 55, class F insulation.
  • Max. power 0.75 kW.

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