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Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulator is a device that can maintain a stable downstream pressure regardless of changes in gas flow and upstream pressure. It can reduce the upstream pressure to a stable downstream pressure. It should be able to limit the downstream pressure to a safe range in the event of a regulator failure.

Inlet connection 35 mm (G.56)
Outlet connection φ10mm


Gas type LPG 30mbar 1.0 kg/h

LPG 50mbar 1.0 kg/h

Butane 29mbar 1.5 kg/h

Propane 37mbar 1.5 kg/h

Propane 50mbar 1.5 kg/h


The pressure regulator is mainly used in natural gas pipeline, such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, ammonia, liquefied gas, natural gas and other gases. It is widely used in gas stations, industries, hotels, canteens and liquefied gas cylinders.

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