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Rotating Nozzle A Type

Rotary nozzle tank cleaning equipment represents a major technological breakthrough, providing the most powerful cleaning results in a compact, easy-to-operate size. Designed for cleaning small drums and barrels, it can also quickly clean your medium-sized bulk containers. All units are available in a variety of sizes and nozzle configurations.

Quality products

Combines pressure and flow to form high-impact cleaning nozzles that are precision engineered for precise, repeatable and reliable 360-degree rotation.

Fast cleaning of IBCs

Ideal for cleaning IBCs and small vessels. The unit easily fits through narrow 76 mm (3″) openings. The unit operates effectively at high pressure of 70 bar (1000 PSI) and low pressure of 3 bar (40 PSI), offering flexibility and the potential to reduce cleaning time. Cleaning typically takes 4-8 minutes.

Drum Drum Cleaning

Designed to ensure that drums and barrels are thoroughly cleaned using a minimum of time and cleaning solution. Clean the entire drum or barrel in less than 2-7 minutes. The unit is ideal for cleaning a wide range of residues including adhesives, paints, chemicals and oils. The unit easily fits through a narrow 55mm (1.75″) opening.

Positive return on investment

Unique design reduces the cost of cleaning and environmental footprint by reducing the amount of water, energy and cleaning agents needed to clean the tank. Using high-impact jet cleaning instead of traditional ineffective static jet balls reduces waste and resource consumption.


1.Faster cleaning time = longer production time.

2.Reduces cleaning costs by reducing the use of water/cleaning fluid in tank cleaning.

3.Eliminates the tight spaces required to manually clean tanks.

4.Durable and reliable rotating nozzles are proven to provide reliable and repeatable cleaning performance, resulting in increased cleaning efficiency.

We are professional manufacturers of rotating nozzle A type, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!

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