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Rotating Nozzle C Type

Our company offers tank cleaning equipment that provides powerful, efficient and hygienic cleaning services for companies in the food, beverage and personal care industries. They are ideal for refurbishment applications, replacing resource-intensive static spray balls and expensive manual cleaning. Features include automatic cleaning and automatic draining capabilities, as well as the ability to clean tanks through small 5 cm (2 in.) holes.

Quality products

Tank cleaning equipment combines pressure and flow to form high-impact cleaning nozzles that are precision-engineered for precise, repeatable and reliable 360-degree rotation.

Positive return on investment

Unique design reduces the cost of cleaning and environmental footprint by reducing the amount of water, energy and cleaning agents required to clean the tank. Using high-impact jet cleaning instead of traditional ineffective electrostatic jet balls reduces waste and resource consumption.


1.Fast cleaning times = longer production times.

2.Reduces cleaning costs by using less water and resources.

3.Eliminates the tight spaces required to manually clean tanks.

4.Proven, durable and reliable rotating nozzles provide reliable and repeatable cleaning performance, resulting in increased cleaning efficiency.

5.Cleaning process can be verified using RotaCheck

We are professional manufacturers of rotating nozzle C type, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!



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