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Rotor Pump With Full-Proof Protection Cover

Rotor pump with Full-proof protection cover The pump is designed with protective cover, reducing dead angle caused by irregular pump drive. Protective cover can also keep personal safety from motor.

Technical specifications

Maximum flow: 90m³ / H
Maximum pressure: 20bar
Maximum temperature: 150 ℃
Maximum speed: 750 rpm
Material: 316L,304
Inside surface: Ra0.8μm
Inlet/outlet: 1) Horizontal TUL; 2) Vertical TUR
Butterfly rotor (standard), Tri-clover rotor, Two leaf rotor, Single leaf rotor
Mechanical seal: Single mechanical seal (standard) double mechanical seal (option) Material SIC / SIC, TC / TC

A variety of motor options

1.Wide voltage efficiency motors IEC EN IE2 efficiency rating (equivalent to China two energy efficiency), PTC thermistor.
2. Explosion – proof motor
3. Inverter motor:Voltage: AC 220V, 380V, 460V, 690V. 50HZ, 60HZ

We are a professional manufacturer of rotor pump with full-proof protection cover, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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