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Sanitary Butterfly Valves Weld End with Trigger Handle

Sanitary Butterfly Valves Weld End with Trigger Handle
Body Material 304 & 316L stainless steel
Rubber Material EPDM, Silicone & FKM (Viton)
Working Pressure Maximum 10 bar

Working Temperature

-10°C to 135°C with EPDM seal

-10°C to 170°C with Silicone seal

-10°C to 200°C with FKM seal

Application Food process, Milk process, Beer brewage,Biopharmacy
Size 1/2″ ~ 12″, DN 15 ~ DN 300
Operation Standard DIN SMS ISO IDF RJT DS
Finishing CNC Machine by LGMAZAK & OKUMA


Size D1 D2 H L A T
DIN25 28 77 75 50 116 1.5
DIN32 34 77 75 50 116 1.5
DIN40 40 86 83 50 116 1.5
DIN50 52 98 89 50 116 1.5
DIN65 70 122.5 101 50 135 2
DIN80 85 140 110 56 135 2
DIN100 104 153 115 56 160 2

1.sanitary butterfly valves Male end with pull handle has a simple structure, small size, light weight, small installation size, and easy installation.

2.The direction of fluid in and out of the valve can be arbitrarily selected, with a two-way action.

3.Horizontal pipe, vertical pipe can be installed.

4..Good sealing performance and long service life.


The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s sanitary butterfly valves weld end with trigger handles are widely used in Food process, Milk process, Beer brewage,Biopharmacy.

Sanitary Butterfly Valves Weld End with Trigger Handle maintenance, use and installation instructions

1.Before installing the valve, the pipeline and valve should be cleaned, and there should be no scratch marks and dirt on the sealing surface to avoid internal leakage or reduce the service life of the product.

2.When installing the valve, you must carefully check whether the clamp connection type is the same, and a special sealing ring should be installed at the connection between the clamp and the valve to make the valve and pipeline connection sealed and reliable.

3.When the valve is installed and the pressure medium is introduced, turn the handle 90掳 to check the internal and external seals, and if there is no leakage, the valve can be put into normal use.

4.If you find that there is still leakage inside when the butterfly valve is closed, you must replace the seal ring and put it into use again after correct installation.

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary butterfly valves weld end with trigger handle, we specialize in sanitary valves for more than 15 years!

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