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Sanitary Flexbody

The flexible valve body is a flexible in-line instrumentation housing for sanitary fluid handling lines that can be easily installed into any piping system with enhanced monitoring and control capabilities. Up to two control or measurement instruments or viewing mirrors can be placed in each inline housing. Its simple, dead-end design makes the Flexbody easy to use, maintain and clean.

Flexible sanitary instrument housing design

Optimize process monitoring by customizing your piping system with the required gauges, viewing mirrors and the unique Flexbody inline housing.

Both sizes fit all inline housings

Compact and modular, the Unique Flexbody offers optimum simplicity. Connections are independent of pipe diameter and process variables; only two connection sizes fit all instruments and viewing mirrors. Instruments are interchangeable and easy to remove for calibration or replacement without calibration.

Hygienic, easy-to-clean instrument housing

With the unique Flexbody in-line housing, you get reliable, sanitary process connections that can be completely drained and cleaned by in-place cleaning and in-place sterilization processes. No disassembly is required. What’s more, the instrument channels form a perfect seal with no gaps or air pockets at all, thus minimizing the risk of microbial contamination.


1.Improved control, measurement and appearance inspection of sanitary fluid lines

2.Higher productivity and profitability

3.Easy cleaning to ensure process hygiene – no dead zones, domes, fluid collection or oxidation

4.Two connection sizes to fit all instruments and mirrors

5.Easy to disassemble, clean, calibrate and maintain instruments or viewing mirrors

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary flexbody, we specialize in sanitary valves for more than 15 years!

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