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Sanitary Mirror Surface Steel Pipe

The company is now using high-precision multi-roller cold rolling machine, is specialized in the production of stainless steel thin-walled seamless (internal and external mirror) industrial fluid pipe advanced production equipment, cold-rolled tube inner diameter roughness Ra0.8u m, inner diameter polishing Ra0 2-0.4 u m, material 304. 304L, 316, 316L. 321, in line with GMP pharmacopoeia requirements, can replace They are widely used in petrochemical, electric power, nuclear energy, chemical fertilizer, pot jealousy, light textile, paper making, food, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical and biological engineering, etc. They meet the requirements of China GB, International ISO, Germany DIN, Europe IDF, USA 3A, Japan JIS standards.

Ф19.1X1.5 Ф28X1.5 Ф29X1.5 Ф25X1.6 Ф19.1X1.2
Ф25.4X1.5 Ф34X1.5 Ф35X1.5 Ф32X1.6 Ф25.4X1.2
Ф31.8X1.5 Ф40X1.5 Ф41X1.5 Ф38X1.6 Ф31.8X1.2
Ф38.1X1.5 Ф52X1.5 Ф53X1.5 Ф45X1.6 Ф38.1X1.2
Ф50.8X1.5 Ф70X2 Ф70X2 Ф57X1.6 Ф50.8X1.2
Ф63.5X2 Ф85X2 Ф85X2 Ф76X2 Ф63.5X2
Ф76X2 Ф104X2 Ф104X2 Ф89X2 Ф72×2
Ф101.6X2 Ф129X2 Ф129X2 Ф108X2 Ф89X2
  Ф154X2 Ф154X2 Ф133X2.9 Ф101.6X2

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary mirror surface steel pipe, we specialize in sanitary tube for more than 15 years!

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