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Sanitary Mix Proof Valves

Sanitary mix proof valves are used in the dairy, brewery, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. As a sanitary valve with a double seal, the mix proof valve is designed to separate two different materials in a piping system to prevent these materials from contaminating each other. Compared to single-seat valves, anti-mixing valves save more space and allow for excellent piping performance and convenience.

Working Pressure Max. Working Pressure 10 bar (4″ is 5 bar only)
Working Temperature Continuous Working Temperature -10°C ~ +120°C(EPDM)
Connections Connection Standards DIN, SMS, 3A, RJT
Connection Standards Weld,Clamp, Threaded

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s sanitary mix proof valves are widely used in food, brewery, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biopharma etc.

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary mix proof valve, we specialize in sanitary mix proof valve for more than 15 years!

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