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Sanitary Overflow Valve

Sanitary overflow valves are used in order to perform pressure bypass for safety reasons, to protect the line of valves, pumps, fittings, swimming pools, etc. The sanitary overflow valve has a hygienic design and it is designed to prevent the risks and possible failures caused by pressure surges in the plant.

Sanitary Overflow Valve

Body Material 316L
Other parts in stainless steel 304
Gaskets EPDM
Internal surface Ra≤0,8µm
External surface matt
  • The valve is usually closed.
  • Easy to adjust manually.
Working Principle

Under normal operating conditions, the valve remains closed.The valve is calibrated to a specific pressure by adjusting the spring with the pressure nut. The calibration pressure is the maximum safe pressure defined to avoid damage to the equipment.When the pressure in the circuit exceeds the calibrated pressure, the valve opens, allowing flow through and reducing pressure in the piping system.The valve may include a handle designed to partially open the valve. When the handle is held in the open position during the CIP process, cleaning products can pass through the valve.

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