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Sanitary Pneumatic Reversing Valve with 1600 Position


The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s sanitary pneumatic reversing valve with 1600 position consists of  intelligent control head、actuator、gas fittings、guides the wrap、silencer、holder、connecting、bolt、clamp、seal ring、upper valve body、seal for valve stem、valve stem、seal for valve stem、clamp、down valve body.

Intelligent control head:The main primary device from the world famous enterprise,in matches the relief valve,the sealed type electronic device, suits in 10-85 stroke scopes the actuator,the modular design,may achieve the most superior performance-to-price ratio,as the long-distance commoncontrol,realizes to the valve active status real-time monitoring as well as the signal prompt feedback.

Actuator:Uses the long life the inflation compensation piston cur,as well as selects the high wear-resisting seal,cylinder body CNC processing,changes the actuator installment direction, the NC/NO exchange.May use for parts in the stroke at same time and the stroke position feedback burkert company’s 1066 intelligent controller or the position sensor.

Guides the wrap:PEFE self lubricating guidance set of guidance effect is better.

Holder:The open style support structure reduce valve chest to actuator’s heat conduction,is advantageous for the inspection seal.

Clamp:The clamp type connection, is advantageous for the installment and the maintenance.

Seal ring:Product contact’s seal material quality conforms to FDA177,2600,the seal material quality has EPDM,SI,NBR,VITON.

Upper valve body:The fluidity optimizes the valve cavity, had guaranteed the product treating processes’ continuity and clean which is more highly effective,valve chest structure is various,the application is more widespread.

Valve stem:valve stem adopt metal stop,enhances the seal life.

Sanitary Pneumatic Reversing Valve

Material 304&316L
Seal material EPDM
Working Pressure 0-5bar(standard)
Working Temperature -20℃~+135℃(EPDM)
Size 1/2″ – 4″
Surface treatment ≤Ra0.8um
Connection Welding,thread,clamp,fiange

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s sanitary pneumatic reversing valve have a hygienic and flexible design, based on a proven single-seat valve design platform, for applications where two different products flow through the same valve, preventing mixing of fluids and allowing easy monitoring of its operation, and are widely used in the dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Intelligent Control Head

Connections Cable,gland
Supply voltage 24 V DC±10%,≥1A
Working Temperature 0℃~70℃
Protection class IP66
Power input <5W
Vibration resistance parameter 100Hz
Input resistance for set-point signal 1400 at 0/4-20mA.20KQ at 0-5/10V
Input resistance for process signal 140Q
Analogue output signal maximum load 560Q at 0/4-20mA,maximum current 10mA at 0-5/10V
Binary output signal maximum current 50mA
Binary input signal 0-3V= logic “0”, 15-30V=logic“1”
Cover material Polycarbonate(PC),Stainless steel(304)
Sealing material Silicone rubber(SI)
Main body material Polyamide Resin(PA6-GF30)
Control stroke range 5-50 mm
Air pressure range 3~7 bar,specific values depending on the actuator
Connections Plug-in hose connector G1/4
maximum particle density 10 mg/m³
maximum oil content 25mg/m³
maximum pressure dew point -20℃ or minimum 10 ℃ below the lowest
Air flow rate 17L/min (input pressure of 0.6Mpa)
58L/min(input pressure of 0 6Mpa,only single-acting)

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s sanitary pneumatic reversing valve with 1600 positions can be used in sealed space and controlled automatically and remotely.It has a variety of auxiliary functions such as transfer characteristicsafety position,cut off,etc.

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve with 1600 position , we specialize in sanitary valves for over 15 years!

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